Montgomery Duffle- Buy Direct and Save Money.

Montgomery is the oldest duffle coat maker in the World. We know a thing or two about making duffle coats.

However we have changed.

After over 100 years selling duffle coats the traditional way, to other retailers and distributors, we have changed our way of doing business. And you get the benefit. £100 benefit- not to be sneezed at.

Montgomery now sells direct to the consumer. This saves you around £100 on what our prices used to be for our duffle coats. That’s right- £100 less- by buying straight from the manufacturer.

We simply save you the profit the retailer would have made. You get the saving for the same high quality product.

Some may say that it is not as good as buying from a shop where I can see the product. But almost all shops carry only a tiny range of duffle coats- the ones the buyer likes- not necessarily what you want. They also only buy the middle sizes.

We offer the widest range of duffle coats, in the most colours, in the most sizes. We keep them in our warehouse in Leicester, England, and ship them all over the World.

We are so sure that you will agree that the quality and value is the best you can buy we offer a no quibble guarantee- if you are not happy just return it to us for a full refund.

If you are not fully satisfied all our shipping and returns are free.

Now you can buy the best, for less, with no hassle, and without ever leaving your home.