Camel Duffle Coats

Montgomery wool toggle duffles pea coats and sweaters are all made in England using the finest materials.

Every design is related to the first duffles we made for the Royal Navy in 1896.

Tan, Beige or Camel- which is the right colour? Our original duffles came in either Navy blue or Camel.

All versions of Camel are pale tones of brown.

Brown is an earth colour- it most associated with strong reliable uses, such as the colour of UPS vans.

Tan is light shade of brown. Its name comes from the tannum (oak bark) that is used in the curing of leather.

Camel is, as the name suggests, is the colour of the camels hair.

It was first used as a description for a colour in clothes in the early 20th century.

Camel is a perfect colour because it is so very- well let`s be honest- beige.

Today you can benefit by buying direct from the maker and save around £100 on similar high quality products sold elsewhere.

Whether you seek brown or camel we have the right product for you.