Green Duffle Coats

We started making for the Royal Navy in 1896- The Royal Navy is a way of life.

Montgomery toggle duffles, pea coats and sweaters are all derived from the original and authentic products we made for the Royal Navy. We make all our products in England.

Green- more than a colour, it is a way of life.

We use leaf green and olive in our toggle duffle coats- each is variation of the other- seen as different times of the life of trees and grass.

Today we think of green as a metaphor for a better way of life.

Did you know that Santa’s coat was always green- until Coca Cola changed it to red in their advertising- to match their corporate colour!

Want a green duffle? We have them. At Montgomery our toggle hooded duffle coats are sold to you direct from the factory. By buying direct you save around £100 on similar products sold elsewhere.