Beautifully made in England, our best-selling Montgomery duffle coat.This Montgomery duffle coat is based on our iconic 50's design, updated to be slightly shorter and a little more shaped than the original.

All our coats are named after Field Marshal `Monty` Montgomery.

Monty was the most famous British general in WW2 and his nickname Monty lives on today.

Our special hand finishing process, involving a five part pressing system, gives you the benefits of a super soft feel to the Italian wool mix fabric, and a perfect shape that comes from the benefits of steam and hand held iron shaping.

All great duffle coats feature a separate shoulder panel- this shoulder 'saddle' was designed to sit on top of the original shoulder design and acts as a double layer to keep you warm and dry.

The inside of each coat features a tartan lining-in fact the lining is woven together with the outer to make one single fabric. All our fabrics come from the Tuscany region of Italy.

Two large pockets are ideal for carrying all your `knick knacks` such as keys, chocolate and maybe the occasional dog lead.

We have two choices of toggle and loop.

Real Buffalo Horn toggles and leather loops OR Wooden toggles with real rope loops.

This Montgomery Classic is a true icon. Fit for purpose, ideal for most people.

Sizes are 36”-52” European 46-62. Sizes are based on the suit jacket you would normally wear, simply choose the same size.

Please use the size guide for details of your measurements. For care details please go to our Care page.