All our Montgomery duffles are made in England. The Montgomery Mayfair is a new look at an original design we made for the Royal Navy as long ago as the1890's. It is the same slim fit as all our Men`s Soho duffles.

We have mixed a new type of knitted wool mix fabric and lined it with brightly contrasting waterproof polyester lining from Italy to create a really modern version of the original duffle.

The fit is sharp and modern, crafted into the most fashionable fit you can find.

This style is slim; it follows the traditional Savile Row fit with a slim saddle shoulder, a tighter under arm with slim sleeves and all the details from the top of the range duffles we made for Admirals, Generals and all officer ranks in two World Wars.

We have taken the best of our fashion designer`s ideas, and married them to our World class leading knowledge of making the perfect duffle and we give you the Mayfair- light and high performing.

The fabric is Italian, from Tuscany and features engraved wooden toggles and rope loops. The hood is removable, and features brass studs to allow you to adjust the hood against the worst weather- an idea we created back before most other brands were thought of.

Without the hood you have modern coat with traditional toggle closures.

Two oversized pockets allow for easy carrying of today's essentials- and they are very good at keeping your hands warm in an Arctic gale.

Montgomery Mayfair, the most interesting duffle you can buy.

All our coats are named after Field Marshal `Monty` Montgomery.

Monty was the most famous British general in WW2 and his nickname Monty lives on today.

Sizes are Small to Extra Large- this equates in English sizes to 36-38” for Small, 40-42” for Medium, 44-46” for Large and 48-50” for Extra Large.

Please use the size guide for details of your measurements. For care details please go to our Care page.