Made in England from fine Italian wool mix Melton- the way we made them for the Royal Navy over 100 years ago.

Our Montgomery Pea Coat features a traditional 8 button design that closes right up against the neck for total protection whilst looking particularly good in your weekday or weekend kit. Even down to the engraved, not moulded, anchor buttons.

Ever wondered why a Pea coat is called a Pea coat?

There are a few stories but we like to think that the truth is that the Pea coat was named after the very thick, and dark fogs often found in the English Channel. British sailors called them pea-soupers, because like the soup it was thick and sticky and you could not see your hand in front of your face. The perfect coat to wear on such a foul weather day or night was indeed the British Naval Pea coat.

In times past it was referred to as a Reefer jacket because sailors wore it to run up the rigging and 'reef' the sails. Once the Royal Navy ceased to use sail power the coat became the reserve of the officer class and it has remained so.

Montgomery Pea Coat-a different class from the best British maker.

All our coats are named after Field Marshal `Monty` Montgomery.

Monty was the most famous British general in WW2 and his nickname Monty lives on today.

Sizes are XS- XXXL. These equate to Sizes 36” for XS through to 48” for XXXL. European sizes are based on 46-58. Choose your size based on the suit jacket you would normally wear, simply choose the same size.

Please use the size guide for details of your measurements. For care details please go to our Care page.