Our Men’s Slim Fit Duffle Coats are perfect for the modern fashion look. Offering a tighter, slightly narrower fit across the shoulders, slimmer bicep measurement and Savile Row style armhole.

We offer you the eponymous Short Duffle, Mayfair, Soho Duffles in different forms, and the amazing Denison waxed jacket. Sharper, shorter and more fitted than our Classic Fit Duffle Coats, each design fits closer to the body and is slightly more fitted in the arm.

We are the original and authentic Duffle Coat maker. Montgomery have been making Duffles and Pea Coats since 1896.

Our Duffle Coats are made from Boiled Wool, which is exactly what the name suggests, raw fabric boiled to bind the fibres tightly together. Made just like the original Duffle Coats we made for the British Royal Navy, but now dyed in bold, eye catching colours.

Why not see how we make our Duffle Coats in our section on Craftmanship?

We offer a risk free shopping experience. Buy from us and get the best quality at the lowest prices because we sell direct to you- no retailer margins, no unnecessary marketing costs. That’s the benefit of internet sourced Duffles, direct to you, and a no quibble guarantee.