All our Montgomery Tweed jackets are made in England from fine Harris Tweed fabric.

All Harris Tweed comes from the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

It is all woven by hand in crofts (small well built homes on the islands).

The looms that make the Harris cloth are powered by the weavers- using foot driven treadles.

Only tweed woven on the Islands of Harris, Lewis, Uists and Barra can carry the mark of the weaver`s Orb- there is an Orb label inside each jacket, and it your assurance of the finest of Scotland`s traditions.

Harris Tweed has been woven for many hundreds of years. It costs a little more now but was priced at a healthy 3 shillings and sixpence as far back as 1899. It was around this time that the first `modern` loom was introduced.

The fabric has been refined over the last 100 years to give you the best balance between superior soft feel and the ability to be worn daily with guarantee of a long and fruitful life.

Our fabulous Harris Tweed jackets for women have a flattering, lean silhouette.

Our style is slim to traditional; it follows the classic Savile Row fit with a slim shoulder, tighter under arm with slim sleeves and all the details from a classic tweed jacket- leather football buttons, patch pockets and broad lapels.

Hand made in London you are receiving at an astonishingly great jacket, at a very good price. Do not be fooled by inferior High Street copies.

Our Harris Tweed jacket for women is the perfect weekend attire.

Be traditional and team up with corduroy skirt, long socks and stout walking boots, or a more modern jeans and loafers- the choice and look is all down to you.

Harris Tweed-the most correct fashion jacket.

All our coats are named after Field Marshal `Monty` Montgomery.

Monty was the most famous British general in WW2 and his nickname Monty lives on today.

Sizes are English size 8-20.

Please use the size guide for details of your measurements. For care details please go to our Care page.


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