It is rare for a new fabric to come along and change the way we look at Montgomery duffle coats. But mixing performance wool mix knitted to create a soft outer skin to a waterproof lining creates a fashion duffle that is light, performance driven and guaranteed not to stretch.

The wool is steam pressed which creates natural shrinkage and tightens the lining to the knitted fabric and in the process creates a natural wrinkled effect. We can then roll and cut the fabric as we do with other duffle fabric. The knitted wool is lighter than traditional check backed duffle coat fabric, but it is wind and weather proofed.

Stitching the fabric takes extra care, so it takes longer to make these styles than any other. We bind every seam, use only the best leather for the shields and loops, and authentic buffalo horn toggles.

All Montgomery Duffle products are derived from our early association with the Royal Navy- we made the first duffle coats in 1896.

Today by buying direct from the maker you can save £100 on similar exceptional British Made quality products sold elsewhere. We also offer Free UK shipping.

A unique fabric, in fashionable modern shapes. Montgomery uses this fantastic new knitted wool fabric in the Women`s Slim Fit Mayfair.