Montgomery wool toggle duffles, pea coats and sweaters are all made in England, and come from the original and authentic products we have made for the Royal Navy since 1896.

Slim Fit has a narrower measurement across the shoulder and a slightly tighter fit under the arm. We make Slim Fit duffles with horn and leather closures, as well as the traditional rope and wood toggles.

We have scoured the Globe to come up with shapes that are right for today’s customer.

Slimmer arms and body, narrower across the shoulder, and usually a bit shorter.

The range is shown below.

Each design creates a flattering modern look, is perfectly tailored, and comes in a wide range of colours.

We promise you that every style is bang up to date and will give you a look that is fashionable today and for years to come.

By buying direct from the maker you can save yourself around £100 on similar fine quality products sold elsewhere.

You get all the styles, all of the best fabrics, all of the best details- but no retailer marketing cost.

We guarantee total satisfaction and offer free UK shipping.